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Our Work

Grassroots level:

AMAN is directly working through 32 women’s groups, 11 youth groups, and 15 children’s groups, using holistic approaches to this on-going development work. 

  1. Strengthening community organisations & local self-government
  2. Agro based income& employment generation programmes for youth & women
  3. Sustainable agricultura, renewal energy and water recharging technology, e.g. polyhouse, composting, seed banks, herbal pesticides, bio gas, solar energy, up gradation of water mills and water harvesting.
  4. Environment campaigns, e.g. Save the Rivers, biodiversity, forest rights, ecological child rights
  5. Relief, rehabilitation & disaster prevention
  6. Repatriation & reintegration of child labour
  7. Ecological  and Education support centres & early childhood centres for underprivileged children
  8. Community based rural libraries
  9. Rural Computer literacy programme 
  10. Campaigns on  Right to Education, youth migration & displacement, water & forest rights’
  11. Community health and hygiene, education and preventative health


State level:

Networks, workshops, training and collaboration on projects

National& international level:

Networking, lobbying government & advocacy Campaigns on Right to Education climate change, land/water/forest, child labour, basic human rights

Resource centre activities: Research & policy analysis, concept& capacity building trainings, publications & information dissemination



A- Grass Root work – We are directly working in twenty five villages of Chaukhutiya and Seven villages of Habalbag block of Almora District. AMAN is composed of a team of young local volunteers and committed individuals have been working to understand and address the concerns of the children, women and youth groups on various issues such as ecological rights of people, agriculture sustainability & livelihood security, natural resources and disaster management, environment & Climate change, gender, socio- political empowerment of women and girls and integrated development of children. It is also supporting the agro based income generation programme such as polyhouse, goatry, poultry, compost pit, honey production etc. for women economic empowerment. For prevention of youth migration it is working on income generation opportunity for youth. Youth have been sponsored for mountaineering, tracking and adventure course towards self-employment and eco-tourism. Socio-political empowerment of women /adolescent girls and gender equity is the major concern of organization. It has been involved in the repatriation and reintegration of child labor.  AMAN is also involved in strengthening and activation of School Management committee.

AMAN is working on disaster management and relief work. Earlier also after the Chamoli earthquake, it coordinated the relief and rehabilitation activities involving 14 organizations. In 2009 flood disaster AMAN did the relief work with 245 Families of Almora District. During the recent flood disaster in Uttarakhand on 16th June 13, AMAN is involved in relief work with affected 400 families of Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Pithorgad and Almora District.   


B-Resource organization-

We are working as a resource organization in two capacities 

1-       Building the perspective and capacities through education intervention and information dissemination-  Organization believes that in this globalization era information plays an important role in social development process. So their main aspiration is to disseminate information regarding polices, laws, national & international changes affecting peoples especially forest dwellers, women and children. It has published the legal information on Suchnnapatra, legal booklets and other research and study booklets on the issue of forest, water, land, women and child development.In the past years, we were worked on capacity-enhancement and perspective-building process with several organization of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi on issues related to women’s empowerment, panchayat raj, participatory rural study program, training of trainers, organizational development, dalit and other subjects. It has been consistently active on panchayat raj issue since 1997 and published a simple and brief primer for activists on Panchayat Raj Act operational in Uttaranchal and Uttar Pradesh. It has also done Panchayat training, PRA on Panchayat Raj, prepared annual programs for working on Panchayat special fairs, conceptualization and designing of campaign materials, design of training programs for activists/people’s representatives, flash card sets, posters and pamphlets.

2-      Partnership programmes- AMAN is providing the financial assistance towards the grass roots initiatives and projects.  VIMARSH Nainital and HESCO Deharadun are the joint project partners of AMAN


C-State level- AMAN is working with different NGOs and organization of state. It play an important responsibility for strengthening of some State level Networks such as Uttarakhand Right to Education Forum, Forest Panchayat Sarpanch Sangthan, Uttarakhand Jan Haqdari Manch, Indian Social Action Forum, Citizen global platform and Campaign Against Child Labour.

In 2010 AMAN has played an important role in forming the Right to Education Forum. It is collective of civil society Organsiation, individuals and teachers forums.  We were initiated a Campaign for ensuring compliance for Right to Education Act.