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Vission And Mission

Vision -To aspire for an egalitarian society based on equality and social justice.

AMAN Stands committed to

Ø  To sensitize the community towards child rights and enabling them to take responsibility for the situation of the deprived children and motivating them to confront the situation through collective action.

Ø  To raise the consciousness of community on common schooling system and Right to education.

Ø  To take initiative to strengthen the livelihood option and the democratic decision making process in the community.

Ø   To increase access and control of common people on the natural resources through public education, lobbing & advocacy.

Ø  To raise consciousness and awareness building on socio-political and economic factors responsible for gender inequality and paving way for their increased participation and collective empowerment.

Ø  To raise consciousness of the masses on the impacts of globalization and liberalization process.

Ø  To motivate, orient and support youth from rural and marginalized communities to join the efforts of social development and transformation.

Ø  To assist, facilitate and be part of the campaigns and likeminded groups to achieve the goal of an egalitarian society.


AMAN was founded in November 1999. Most of the founders had either already worked or working in some organization and institution. Sanjeev Singh, Anil Chaudahry, Dr Siraj Anwar and Raghu Tewari are the founder member of organization .